Dinars de migdia - ENG - Cafè del centre
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Dinars de migdia – ENG

Frebuary 23, 2020

dinars de migdia 3


Chickpea stew and tuna with carrot shavings
Russian Centru salad with home-cooked sardine and romesco mayonnaise
Chickpea cream and cod with Parmesan powder and crunchy ham
Chopped potatoes and cabbage with bacon, mushrooms and lardons with dark background juice
Braised beans with shitakes and mint with garlic and saffron oil
Salmon tartar marinated with soy, wasabi and vegetables with avocado and crunchy leek (Suppl + € 6)
Dry rice of the sea and mountain of the Centru (pork, squid and shrimp) with garlic and saffron oil (Suppl. + 7 €)

dinars de migdia 2

Main courses

Osobuco stewed with wild mushrooms and mushrooms with crispy potatoes
Our cod on the tin with mushroom parmentier bottom and crispy spinach
Vegetable lasagna with Chef Cris cheese style
Ca l'Abel Duroc pork legs stewed with mushrooms and trumpets of death (Suppl. + 7 €)
Beef tenderloin with reduction of dark bottom, onions and sauces (Suppl. + 10 €)
Cal Riu entrecote tataki with dry tomato vinaigrette and leek (Suppl. + 8 €)
Old cow chuletón rested from Cal Riu of 1 kg with crispy potatoes and green pepper. (Suppl + 45 €)
• Recommended for two people •
dinars de migdia


Catalan cream with hazelnut powder, tiramisu, Truffle trunk, honey and curd, yogurt with mango coulis, ice cream of the day (cream or vanilla), Fruit (tangerine or pineapple)
Coulant with vanilla ice cream (Suppl. + 3 €)
Panacotta of passion fruit with pistachio powder (Suppl. + 3 €)
Strawberry cake (Suppl. + 3 €)

Bread, wine and water included. Extra charge if you want more. | Chose betwen coffe or dessert.

10,90€ daily Tax incl. 16,00€ weekend and festivities. Card payment alowed. | 5% discount for members of the Ateneu El Centre