Dinars de migdia - ENG - Cafè del centre
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Dinars de migdia – ENG

November 19, 2019

dinars de migdia 3


Pomegranate salad, tender garlic, cucumber, goat cheese, tomatoes, chickpeas, and red fruit and honey vinaigrette
Cream of pork, potato and vines with parmesan shavings and crispy onions
Tortellini of ricotta and spinach with creamy carbonara mushroom sauce
Peas and beans drowned with mushrooms and creamy potato backgrounds
Dry rice with botifarra trufada from Ca l'Abel, rovellones and mini tataki of entrame from Cal Riu (Suppl. + 6 €)
dinars de migdia 2

Main courses

Ca l'Abel beef tenderloin with potato stew, cabbage, black pudding and bacon, and with tears of garlic and thyme oil
Sea bass fillet with creamy potato background, and reduced soybeans and ratafia
False cauliflower and pumpkin remover with grouyere and a touch of saffron
Tattoo of entrapment of Cal Riu with sauce "Ximixuan"
Intertwined Tataki of Cal Rio de 300gr with pork vinaigrette and dried tomatoes. (Suppl. + € 8)
Cal Ruf's old beef steak with 1 kg, accompanied by crispy potatoes and green pepper. (Suppl. + € 45)
· Recommended for two people
dinars de migdia


Cream of coffee with toffee and cream
Cream with walnuts and chocolate
Honey and mat
Yogurt with mango coulis
Ice cream of the day (strawberry or vanilla)
Fruit (mandarin or apple)

Bread, wine and water included. Extra charge if you want more. | Chose betwen coffe or dessert.

10,90€ daily Tax incl. 16,00€ weekend and festivities. Card payment alowed. | 5% discount for members of the Ateneu El Centre