Main Dishes - Cafè del Centre
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There are dishes with products entirely from organic farming, nearby projects and km 0 shops.

We try that all of them could be suitable for all budgets.

Català | English | Castellano

What to eat

Cold meats – Fuet, llonganissa, duroc serrano ham, pork and egg sausage with black trumpet mushrooms, white pork sausage with spinach and raisins.

Portion –  a meat of your choosing with “pa amb tomaquet” – 7,50 €

Cold Meat platter –   70 g of each type of cold meat with “pa amb tomaquet” – 17,50 €

Cheeses – Semi-matured sheep cheese, creamy buffalo cheese, gruyère 18 Months AOC 1655, soft goat cheese and goat blue cheese

Portion –  a cheese of your choice with “pa amb tomaquet” – 10,00 €

Cheese platter –  50g of each cheese with “pa amb tomaquet” – 21,10 €

Our New Potatoes

Centru’s Bravas –  spicy or not spicy – 4,20 €

Three cheeses from Montbrú – 4,40 €

Wild mushrooms sauce  – 4,20 €

Centre’s homemade croquettes – 1,30 €/u

Apple, spinach and gorgonzola / Grilled cod / Pork sausage, parmesan cheese and shiitake mushroom

Crispy goat brie cheese coulant with a beetroot, tomato and basil tartar, served with two sauces: pineapple jam and apricot jam – 14,00 €

Organically grown vegetable coca with confit egg, gruyère cheese and dried tomato pesto –  7,20 €

Duet of hummus with Noe’s bread – 6,50 €

White bean, roasted onion and garlic, tahini and saffron / Sauteed spinach, garlic, parmesan cheese, tahini and chickpeas 

Fried potato “bombs” stuffed with octopus,sofrito and “alioli” (4un.) – 6,00 €

Mini casserole of stewed meatballs, wild mushrooms and mushrooms – 7,00 €

Centre’s new chicken strips with a soy sauce and ratafia mayonnaise with a touch of mustard – 6,00 €

Pig trotter and pâté carpaccio with a green asparagus and green garlic vinaigrette – 7,00 €

Centre’s sandwiches

Bacallaneru  – 7,60 €

Roasted cod, scarole, marinated onion and mustard and dill mayonnaise

El Pollet  – 7,50 €

Marinated chicken breast, scallion, red leaf lettuce, brie cheese, hard boiled egg and pickled cucumber mayonnaise

Escaldarium  – 7,60 €

Marinated chicken breast, scallion, red leaf lettuce, brie cheese, hard boiled egg and pickled cucumber mayonnaise

El Nostre Serranito  – 8,50 €

Duroc pork fillet, brie cheese, serrano ham and fried green pepper

El Matiner 3 – 8,00 €

Sauteed leek and spinach, gratin goat cheese and hazelnut and raisin pesto

Yarmo 3 – 7,80 €

Pork sausage with brie cheese, wild mushroom sauce and crispy onion

Marineru – 7,50 €

Smoked mackerel, fresh spinach, marinated mushroom and mustard and dill mayonnaise 

Centre’s toasties

Mallorquí  – 6,50 €

Coca bread, sobrasada, mozzarella, oregano and sauteed onion

Bambino  – 7,00 €

Coca bread, smoked speck ham, provolone, cheddar, green asparagus, sauteed onion and hazelnut and raisin pesto

Malea  – 7,00 €

Coca bread, mushroom and leek sofrito, brie cheese and tapenade

Vegan2  – 6,00 €

Coca bread, organically grown vegetables, white bean hummus and hazelnut and raisin pesto

Hot sandwiches

Pork from Ca L’Abel – 5,00 €

Catalan pork sausage from Ca L’Abel – 5,50 €

Bacon – 4,00 €

Chicken – 4,20 €

Omelette – 4,00 €

Cold sandwiches

Cold meat – 6,20 €

Duroc serrano ham, fuet, llonganissa, sobrassada, catalan egg and pork sausage or
white catalan pork sausage

Cheese – 4,20 €

Semi matured sheep cheese

Tuna – 3,50 €

Anchovies – 7,10 €


Onion, Cadí cheese – 0,60 €

Semi matured sheep cheese, brie, cheddar – 1,00 €

Cheeses from Montbru – 2,00 €

Portion of bread with tomato – 2,50 €

Portion of bread – 1,20 €

Portion of gluten free bread – 2,00 €

La Heavy – 12,00 €
Pig trotter and black sausage burger, sauteed wild mushrooms, tomato, scarole, gruyère and pumpkin aioli

La Boletaire – 11,00 €
Pork, leek, wild and black trumpet mushroom burger with emmental cheese, green asparagus, scarole and sun-dried tomato and leek mayonnaise

La Farteta Vol. 5- 11,50 €
200g beef burger, sauteed onion and mushroom, double cheddar cheese, fresh spinach, crispy onion and pickled cucumber mayonnaise

La de la Xiquetona – 9,20 €
Vegetable burger, gratin goat cheese, sauteed leek and mushroom and romesco sauce


Tres Formatges – 10,50 €
Mix of lettuces, scarole, gruyère cheese, creamy buffalo cheese, goat blue cheese and crispy onion

La Boletaire – 11,00 €
Mix of lettuces, cherry tomatoes, beet, pickled onion, mushroom fritters, caramelized sesame seeds and sweet mustard mayonnaise

La Bacallanera – 11,00 €
Mix of lettuces, grilled cod dice, olives, scallion, marinated carrot, confit artichoke and pickled cucumber mayonnaise

Entrecôte tataki with leek and sun-dried tomato vinaigrette, parmesan shavings and fried chips – 16,80 €

Carnaroli rice with sausage, wild mushroom, artichoke, pork “secreto” cooked at low temperature ​with its own reduced meat sauce and pumpkin aioli – 15,00 €

Cod cooked at low temperature, wild mushroom parmentier, smoked speck ham and meat sauce – 14,00 €

Chicken cannelloni with a truffle and St. George’s mushroom bechamel, meat sauce, melted emmental cheese and crispy leek shavings – 10,00 €

Our Galician octopus with crispy potato, olive oil jam and chili aioli – 15,50 €

Lamb terrine cooked at low temperature with a meat sauce reduction over a creamy potato, saffron and buffalo cheese puree with a wine poached pear and crispy pumpkin tartare – 16,00 €

Mini vegetable lasagna with a blue goat and gruyere cheese béchamel and a basil, beet and leek pesto – 9,00 €

Omelette with potato, onion, artichoke and spinach with a side of coca bread and a mini xatonada salad – 12,00 €

Chicken strips and fried chips – 6,00 €

Rice with tomato sauce and a fried egg – 6,00 €

Beefburger from Cal Riu with bread and cheese – 6,00 €

Coulant with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream – 4,20€

Panacota with coconut milk, lime and avocado with red fruits – 4,50€

Xixona nougat cream with Belgian chocolate ice cream and croquant almond – 4,75€

“Mil fulls” of biscuits with nuts, mat, cinnamon and honey gelatin – 4,50€

Chocolate roll with nuts, praline and vanilla ice cream – 4,50€

Pumpkin tatin tulip with tangerine ice cream and pistachio powder – 5,00€

Our ratafia cake with toasted hazelnut powder – 4,25€

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